Symptoms of bad valve guides

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My car has started smoking a lot lately and i think it is either valve guides or bent valves maybe. It doesnt smoke bad unless i let the car sit and idle(or stop at a stop light) for about a minute. After it has been idling and i give it gas then a big puff of white smoke will come out of the exhaust. It doesnt smoke when i get on my car unless i give it hell all the way to about 100mph. It will also smoke when i start the car but it isnt really that bad but i can hear the valves ticking most of the time.

So does this sound like bad valve guides or bent valves?

Have you adjusted the valve lashings or is it past the time to do it? Otherwise if is not yet time to do it (which is every 70K I believe), then its just a Honda nosie. You can search on here and should find that it is normal noise. My B18C makes the ticking noise and so does my F4i. It's normal, assuming that the ticking noise you describe is not preceeded by something unusual.
it is past the time to check the lashing so i will look into that. There are no other unusal things that happen after the ticking. it is just probabley honda noise. I will look into changing the seals also. They have probabley worn over the years and just need replaceing.

thanks again for the help