PA t/w 99 mr Si; built b20v; f/s, f/t

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just picked this up and before i do any work i wanna see if anyone is intersted
its a 99 mr si that jus turned over 55k on the way home to pa from oh
car is located in south central pa
engine mods:
block: b20vtec (low compression build for boost ) b20b4 block
cp pistions 8.5:1 comp ratio
manly rods
acl race bearings
arp head bolts
exedy clutch stage 1
walbro 255
engine has around 15k on it.

gsr head:
custom valve cover moon cut painted to match car
gsr cams
msd cap
msd blaster coil
msd wires
aerospeed cam gears
abs intake manifold
full rev hard valvetrain (valve springs, titanium retainers, and valves)
megan racing 4 to1 header (1 weld is cracking a little, will probably be fixed shortly)
slimline rad fan

jvc cd player
autometer air/fuel -oil psi (oil is hooked up, a/f is not)
skunk2 short shifter
spoon sports shift knob
gsr grey leather fronts, stock si rears
short hub with cheapy ebay steering wheel

skunk2 springs with adjustable struts (will check on strut brand, but its slammed rite now)

the bad: needs a tranny. i have an s80 gsr trans that can go with it if price is rite. at the moment it has a b16 trans and 5th gear syncro is pretty much...non-existant, lol! drove it all the way home in 4th which sucked! 4.5 hrs at 5k on the highway. also could use some brakes. wed i should be ordering new sloted and cross drilled rotors and ceramic pads. could use new fogs or a bezel for the pass side foglight (ebay has sets for under $30). needs a driver sideskirt, couple kick panels in interior, and door speaker covers. also has an idle prob (egr valve needs cleaned and adjusted).

contact info:
cell- 1(717)-816-3564
i have txting (perfered) and my email comes to my phone so i can get pics out asap
i will get pics up asap
just t/w pretty much
i will trade, sell outright, trade plus cash, but i don't have any money at the moment
i got too much wrapped up in school
lmk what u think
get a better response with high quality photos.

i knw, i hated 2 throw it up w/out pics, but i was pressed 4 time and don't have any on the comp
i have some on my phone tho if ppl wanna txt or email me 4 them
i'll c if my buddy can upload some 4 me 2nite
i'm gonna send some pics 2 a buddy and c if he can throw them up real quick
they won't b the highest quality in the world cause they are from my phone, but i don't have any others and its snowing here in pa so its kinda hard 2 take some new ones

btw, i jus ordered slotted and cross-drilled rotors w/ semi metallic pads last nite