T25 Turbo

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i know this WILL be a stupid question to most people but, i just need to know where the water outlet goes to??? i mean i know the oil drain goes to the oil pan but where does the water drain to??? thnx for any help guys. :D
try not to think of it as a return. just think of it as a bypass. just re-route a coolant line from the throttle body.
so then the coolant lines just make a loop????? and with that in mind then would it hurt the turbo if i hooked up the coolant lines backwards? :spin: im lost...explain to the retard pleeeeaaasssee....thnx again
Dude the coolant flows just like oil, but instead of to the oil pan, it goes to the radiator. Don't hook it up backwards. Just run your lines that used to go to and from the throttle body to your turbo. Wherever the coolant goes after the throttle body, send it from the turbo. Not only will this be easier, but as an added benefit, your throttle body won't be heated by hot coolant.
I don't mean to run it to the radiator. Find out where the coolant for your throttle body runs, and run it to there.