tachometer help

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New Member
So i have a EG civic with a jdm h22a installed in it. I recently bought an aftermarket tachometer and i noticed that when i reach about 6000 rpm, the tach needle starts to float between 6000 and 7400ish.:confused: I'm running a chipped p28 and there's no redline or speed govener. does anyone know what could be causeing the needle to float like that? thanks
i got it from autozone. paid about 50 for it. i believe it's an autometer?
Id guess a power or grounding problem first, just cause those are easy to mess up. After that Id think signal. There really isnt much else to it, unless the tach itself is bad.
The tach in avatar is a Sunpro. My brother ran it for 2 or 3 years, and I ran it for about 3 more. A few of my friends run em too. Theyre usually a nice product.
i mean it was running fine for a few weeks. but just recently started having the problem. i'll check out the wireing and let you guys know. thanks