Tack, Need Help

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whats up i was just wondering how i hook up a tack....does it connect to the computer or something. like do u hook up wires to anything....if so if the signal like by pulse...analog, digital, voltage? thanx.


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I believe the tachometer connects to a wire near the distributor or coming off of it but I am not for sure. When we put a monster in my buddies just tapped into a distributor wire but I could be wrong. Someone correct meh if I am wrong.


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i hooked mine up to the blue wire near the firewall on the drivers side. but when i put in a stock guage cluster from an ex that already had the tach, i pulled out the aftermarket one. and one of them had to be wrong cause with my old guages the tach said i was revving to about 2100 rpm to go 30mph and with the stock tach it says i am revving a little over 1900 rpm to go 30mph. i don't know which is right but they both "worked". <_<
there should be four wires off your new tack.
1 for power
1 for ground
1 for signal
1 for lighting
there should be a blue wire coming from your distributor so hook up there for the signal


wires / color
pos. / red
neg. / black
illumination / white
tach signal / green
loop wires/ i forget the colors but for a 4 cylnder u ussually have to cut both or the tach will be off the actuall rpm.if it way off then connect the (brown i think)wire back up. a crx si u have to tap the tach signal into the harness behind the tach in the cluster.i forgot the color(again)but it is the 2nd wire from the left when u r sitting in the car.for a 92-95 civic u go behind the cluster and look for a blue wire with silver dots.some dont have the silver dots. look in ur manul for the wire for other cars.or (this is kind risky)but take a test light and hook it up to a positive wire and than start up ur car.test the wires in the back of ur cluster when the wire barely lights up(by this time u must have the other 3 wires hooked up to ur new tach.) take the green wire and touch it to the wire that made ur test light light up.do it till ur tach works.