Takin Off Ebrake Nob

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Junior Member
i just bought a medel ebrake nob and i tried to take off my stock one but its hella hard do anybody know how to take it off
what dont you get?????? i just want to replace my stock one to the metal one i got but i dont know how
Some say to get in your car with you ass on the dash and pull like you never pulled before. Im a large man, but I couldnt do it. I just used a dremel and zipped it off.
If your just taking off the handle cover thing,then you have to pull it,VERY,VERY hard.Kind of twist it while your doing it.
I had the same problem....I just got in and pulled really hard and kinda hit the end with a hammer in the direction i was pulling. Just takes a little bit of work.
i just twisted and pulled and it came off... I then re-put it on because i did not like the look of the after market one...