tar removal

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anyone here COMPLETELY remove the sound deadening tar from underneath the carpet?

if so, are there any tips to simplify the process? i've removed all the big chunks now i'm just stuck with the tough cling-on's...thinking of just using break-cleaner/wd-40/maybe even gasoline to scrape it off...

any opinions would be appreciated!

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This is a gerneral tech, so I will move it there

Now for the sound deading. The cleanest and easiest way to remove 99% of the sound deading is to freeze it with dry ice and use a BFH. The sound deading becomes very brittle when it is frozen. Call up dairy, ice, or other people that may sell dry ice and buy some there. The last place I bought some (about a week ago when I removed my sound deading) was 61cents a lb. 15 lbs is about all you need, and on a colder day, you may be able to use even less. Work one section at a time. Place a bunch of chunks all over one tar mat. Let it sit for a few minutes. Get a rubber mallet or even a normal hammer, and start hitting the tar a few times (after moving the dry ice to another section) and stick some kind of flexible knife or something similar under. It will just come right off. You maybe left with a few small sections that are stuck in the body puddy. For this stuff, if you REALLY want to get off, use a grinding/paint remover bit for a drill or something similar and just grind it off.