Tauruses make me poop.

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So my girlfriend has this '89 Taurus. It's an absolute PILE. The thing looks and drives like it's been beat on since it rolled off the lot. It's a friggin 3.0 pushrod V6 that puts out about as much power as a hamster on a wheel.

"Well, Battle Pope? What's your point?"

It finally took a shit. I'm so happy to see this car die. It's been nothing but a wretched pile of contempt and shittiness. It was tragically unreliable, it burned oil, and it ate alternators like a sumbiatch.

She got it for $225 from a former friend (I say former because she was a stupid bitch. Mormon + Republican = moved to Utah...err...PolygamousCultLand).

She's going to go look at a Moonvan this weekend. :ph34r:

P.S. I know, who gives a fuck. I'm just ranting dammit.

EDIT: God dammit this is in the wrong forum. I was in the multimedia section and thought it was the Other Vehicles section. :( I'll get some pics of the moonvan up of she gets it though.


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I am sorry battlepope but I am going to have to politely disagree. I had a 95 ford taurus with a 3.0 and it did alright. And I beat on it good :). When I sold it with 255K miles on it almost everthing work great (hehe I got 800 for that thing). The only issue was that the tranny had a small problem where it would spin the tires from shifting form 1 - 2. Now you are all saying wheres the problem that cool for an auto to spin them, but my mechanic said it was a bad thing.


i've had my share of disaggrements with tauruses

the auto trannies blow more than a 50 cent crack whore, and the head gaskets pop more often than a catholic school girl...

fucking junk...

and a 5.0? thats just insanity
just do a SHO swap


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Originally posted by BodyDroppedNikes@Jan 18 2005, 05:53 PM
buy that Taurus off her and put a 5.0L v8 from a foxy body Mustang GT in that fucker
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Just put the 3.0 V6 SHO motor in it... same horses as the 5.0 with less weight. :)


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Originally posted by civicious@Jan 18 2005, 05:40 PM
When I eat pepperoni, my shit sometimes has a yellowish tinto to it

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when i drink grape gatorade my poop has a very distinct green color to it :blink: :blink:


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Originally posted by BodyDroppedNikes@Jan 19 2005, 08:47 PM
more tuning options with the 5.0L tho :)
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maybe. but the SHO has tons of aftermarket as well. You'd have to do extra work to convert it to a fwd application.