Tax Returns

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I've just got to wait til Cracker Barrel sends me my W2, then 4 weeks and I'm rich. It's good living at home and working two jobs, but not when you have classes too. Anyways, I should be getting back about $400-$500.
I'm thinking I'll get a new sub to replace my blown one, buy the rear upper and lower tie bars, and save the rest.
So what is everyone elses plans if they get any tax money back?
Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Jan 1 2003, 08:54 PM
i usually get back 300 or more. prolly gonna go to savings. anyone know any hot stocks to invest in? :) j/p

kmart :lol:

This is the first time that I will have to pay taxes, my other jobs were all paid under the table. I only started a job that will tax about a month ago so i will only have to declare like 400.
Jeff-what kinda boat is that? I have a 19.5' Starbuck with a 455 Olds dual 4-barrel and a Berkeley A Jet (A or C I don't remember anymore). I love squirting Jet-Skiers behind me :D

I claim 0 so I get everything I paid back--this year they didn't take so much so I will probably get 350-400 back (have to see my last pay stub tomorrow). It will probably end up going to rent.
I have like $8000 in claims this year to write off.

I should be paying no taxes (not to mention one of my jobs is federal, meaning i pay no state tax anyhow.)

Too bad I can't get all of that money back that I can write off =(
They will only let me deduct it from what I've paid, but that pretty much means I should be getting every cent I paid in taxes back this year.


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theres no such thing as an upper tie bar.

i shold be getting back 2-3g's :) i took out 65 extra a week for both state and fed since i started working :)


im hoping for 3g's

i need it

one for my 58" Widescreen that I want
and two for some rocks!



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those rocks better be crack!!!!

damn M-word


we are losing another one boys...
my daughter gets my tax return. it blows, that was going to be my paint job money :(
i got $4600 back last year.. this year i probably wont get shit back. hell, i might even owe because i wasnt paying on my unemployment. hEH.