Tax Time...again

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As the W2's start rolling in, there are going to be lots of questions about how to file to get the best returns, and how people do their taxes.

Post up how you are going to file this year, which place/software/whatever you are going to be using, and how much you get back, or are expecting to get back.

hopefully a few grand

some on debt, the rest is going to get saved.
H&R Block TaxAct site, essentially 1040EZ.

Got my W2 on Monday and finished taxes the same day... getting $1911 federal, $130 state.

I'm combining that, my bonus from work, and the $2k christmas present from my brother into a down payment for a car.
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I'm gonna try to have my sister in law do them for 30 bucks like she told me she could do last year, she's in school to be an accountant/cpa.

I'm hoping to get at least 1500 back, hoping. Last year I got 1k back. I won't be surprised if I get less back, even though I paid a full years of property taxes for 08 on the house.

440 will go to pay off the remaining loan my old CU didn't pay off, the rest I dunno about. Hoping to have around 2-300 for a roadtrip in August that I can stash away.
Gonna file with my Ex since we both ownt he condo we got like 4300 hundred back last year, gonna use to pay down the 2nd mortgage
I heard about that. My girl's mom was saying that they are giving out all the I.O.U's and she was expecting to get one.

What does that make the tally for Cali? I lost count. :ph34r:
Going to pay a firm to do mine, getting a 2nd opinion. why?

I owe the state $12,500 (i'm in CA, should I send THEM an IOU?)
I owe the fed $25,000


I believe that the IOU is only for the state portion, you should still get the fed. I will use turbotax and get about 3-4k back. Which I will pay off debt with.
Just got my main work w2 so far... still waiting on all my stocks/iras/financial's, 1099-int's, and about 10 1099-misc forms.

i'm probably going to owe again.
Luckily i can write off about 21,000 in mortgage interest :(

bank > me