Tb Issues

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To make a long story short, i bought a spoon TB from a fellow board member under the impression it was for B series motors when infact it was for the K series... oh well, my mistake... I was able to sell it to someone on the rsx board. well now he is having problems with it, here is what he emailed me, and was wondering if you guys knew of anything to help him? here is our email conversation.

>i had it installed yesterday...and now my tb gets stuck....for example....few min. ago i went for a drive to office depot and it gets stuck at 3000 rpm....i had to stop at parking lot and move the accelerator/gas wire...and it unlocks.


>now, i am thinking maybe the guy sold you...sold you a not working tb.

my reply:
wtf, that is not cool at all. if you want i can contact him. as far as i know, he got it from some guy who told him it would fit on his B16. i'll post on our board to see if there is a way to fix it, the TB looked brand new also.. how often does this happen to you? does it always seem to be at the same spot (rpm wise)?

his reply:
See if you can email him about it. It happens when I press gas hard….! Saturday Night…I was on the highway..with my Hondata ECU Flash….doing about 8800rpm..and it got stuck there. I got so scared..thinking if my motor was blown or something. But later on..it was TB problem…!

any ideas guys? i left the members name out of this post on purpose. when i got the TB it looked brand new, what can this person do to keep it from sticking open?
thanks in adavance guys.


so, i guess if you knew it was the wrong thing, then you did know it wouldn't fit my motor?? hmm... alright.... but back to the topic of this thread, any ideas on how to fix this
That is still pretty slimy of you. A lie by omission is still a lie. Don't expect to do business with many people around here after you pulled that crap.

As for the problem, a friend of mine had an overbored tb that did the same thing. What he did is attach a spring to the throttle butterfly and the other end somewhere on the IM that help pull the plate shut after he got off the gas. It has been working for over a year now.
I know that if he would have asked about filment, I would of told him. Also people on this board are the ones that told him it would fit his car.
Then you really should have told him the truth. There is no defending it, what you did was sleazy and dickheaded. I intend to warn anyone that wants to do business with you.


thanks for the help lsvtec, i'll let him know about that...

slimtadder: i left your name out on purpose, i didn't want you to get involved, but you decided to post on it.... i know i made a mistake and i never said you did anything wrong, you keep insinuating that, guilt maybe? but you were more worried about getting the TB off your hands than anything else, not cool... but, whatever, you posted on the topic, so i had to reply with the facts... i tried to keep it from getting into this...
you know what, scratch that, you are a punk bitch... you email me saying i'm a punk? for what, trying to actually help the guy who i sold the TB you sold me? you are a piece of shit... lets hope i go to lake havasu for spring break, i'll stop by and show you how much of a punk i can be, you faggot.
sorry guys, had to vent off :)

back to topic, if anyone has other ideas, or ran into similar problems, i'd like to hear from you too.
Sounds like there is something wrong with the throttle body --but after making sure that the cable is not hanging up anywhere try this--unbolt the throttle body (good for inspection anyway) and re-bolt, tightening the bolts in an X pattern to proper torque specs. I've seen the TB get loaded funny by doing one side at a time instead of an X which caused the butterfly to stick open due to a distortion in shape. Good luck, getting stuck open enough to hold at three grand is most likely something else though.


ya, when i had the TB in my possesion, the spring for the butterfly semmed very firm, i dont see how it is sticking... i'll have him try what you suggested, thanks for the help
ill second.. the slim tadder is a punk bitch..because i read that thread when it was for sale.. and everyone that was wanting the TB, wanted it for their B series motor.. but yet.. he failed to correct ANYBODY. I usually dont talk shit about people but i just hate scammers and liars. Honda-tech is full of them and the last thing i want to see is hondaswap full of them.


well, it seems as though he was able to find out the problem, here is what he emailed me... if someone else happens to run into this.

from him:
Hey, I found out what the problem was. US SPEC DC5 has Cruise Control and Throttle cable, but JDM SPEC only has throttle cable. I was reading some post on clubrsx where people have suggested taking the part from us spec and installing it on the spoon tb…but that don’t work..cuz, spoon was design for only one cable, throttle cable. I just need to install the spoon part back and it shouldn’t get stuck.

I was wrong thinking if there was something wrong with SPOON TB. Hopefully, when I have all the spoon parts together there won’t be any problem..but I still won’t have the curise control.