Tearing up an EK


Holy Dukes of Hazzard air! I love that jump. Poor EK suspension.
But damn, Honda reliablility be damned. That car just goes and goes.


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Nicely done through the grass, and that cop needs to holler at the supply department a get a size or two bigger on his shirt.... or hop on a treadmill, either way, lol


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Originally posted by brian11to1@May 31 2005, 08:43 PM
assholes with no brains a little money
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somtimes u say some stupid shit...this guy goes to every nopi event in the country,and wins the burnout contest,and does other stuff..he has more money than you apparently..cus i havent seen u win anything yet.


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i think its stupid but hey if he made the money from the dvd back it took to fix everything then more power to him.