Tein Pillow Mount With Chamber Kit

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I am going to get some tein and someone (i think it was prowler) said to get the pillow mount with what ever coilover i get. Not sure how much it is going to drop it so the chamber may or may not be affected. My car was hit before and because of that it pulls to the right even when I get an alignment. I was thinking would the chamber kit help this and also will it work with the pillow mount?


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i got the pillow mounts for my teins, too bad they dont have the camber adjustment like the other models do, damn hondas :p your stock ones will work, but if you want to go all out, get em, it also made the installation so much smoother with having the coilover completely assembled. if you set your height at the tein reccomendation, you'll have a 1.5" drop, shouldn't affect your camber, my car used to be a 2" drop, and my camber was ok.


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strut tower bars will clear without a problem