tein suspention problems

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Hi im looking for "Bill" or "Mike". I was sent by Mario from honda in meriden. He said that there is a site out there that sells lower control arms from japan to fit "tein" suspention in my 88-91 civic/crx si. Or any help from anyone can tell me if 92 control arms will fit a 88-91 civic/crx
bill = wildbillhatchbac
mike- i have no idea who that is... maybe Mario meant me... he never remebers my name (it's brian by the way)
yeah the HA's need Integra type R-style LCA's. these bolt right on the 92-95 civics, but i do not know if they go on a 4th gen.
thing is, your stock rear shocks look like this:
| |
a fork kinda

the ITR's mount like a front shock- with a whole through it for the bolt.

I will look for some info for you on this... give me a few...

if u want to run jdm tein suspension u need the jdm EF/CRX rear lower control arms or the DA ones, the 92-95 civic and 94-01 integra ones are DIFFERENT. it will thro ur geometry off in the rear. if u cannot find the site u are looking for i can get u the proper LCA's. PM, AIM or email me you need them


this is a pic of the ITR LCAs I used. . . the ones you need are similar but have slightly different measurements.