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Do you think i should buy this integra???

  • offer him 3000.

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Senior Member
a co- worker is selling this integra:



he wants to get rid of it for like 3500, it is a '96 RS and has 60,000 miles. i am tempted
to ask if he will sell for 3000 even but i do not want to lowball him and be a dick.
he hit a guard rail the other night, and now wants to sell. He does not want to put
the work into it to get it running. so i am thinking of restoring it and selling it, how much
do you think i could get for it once it is fixxed up?


Senior Member
I voted no b/c you can get a clean ls or something for 3k and rebuild the engine and do whatever, if any tranny work needed and STILL be cheaper then fixing all those fucking creases. You need to see if they hit any structual supports behind there. If so.. fuck it.. As it is now. You have to place those panels, creases cost to much to get taken out, and they still wind up bondoing the hell out of them. Not worth IMO.


New Member
if he has full coverage.. i bet the buy back is NO MORE than like 600-700


Senior Member
For 3500 no way. A good rule of thumb for buying wrecked cars is, if you can part it out and DEFINITALY make a profit either by it making you or saving you money then buy it, otherwise don't bother.