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i just bought a automatic 92 civic coupe dx white same as my 93, so i called a junk yard and asked them if they had any of 92-95 model civics and they had a manual, so i went down there and got

cluth resivour
pedle set
complete head
gauge cluster
all lines

everything to do my manual swap(keeping the sohc) so i can run turbo haha. and i got it all for a total of 150 bucks. turbo kit here i come

well deal or not


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holy s*&#@ where do you shop at?!?!?! that is such a nice deal..... i wish i could have got a deal like that ....but my car is already a manual.hehe but yea definatley an awesome deal dude!


I wanna be sedated
That's about what you should expect from a junkyard,I find "deals" like that all the time,it just takes time to go find it and get it.Werd,good job,score one for the junkyard vultures. :D


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ya im a junkyard dog i always find deals there evn for things i dont need...2 weeks ago i scored a 94 vr4 ECU thecar was totaled and they too the drivetain but they for got the ecu 39 bucks there made me 300 on the street its rare though to find such jems in ecology.