Testing Waters: Golden Eagle built B16 shortblock

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2000 USDM B16A2 shortblock
Sleeved 84mm
Arias 9:1 pistons
Crower rods
assembled by Golden Eagle

Friend of mine just picked it up, it's got a little less than 600 miles on it. Got it from a crackhead rich kid, not looking to sell just yet.

What would yall think it's worth?
not sure on its worth but if you go for the sell let me know ......pm me, email me......something. I am just south of dallas.....ennis. so it won't be nothing to come pick it up,.,.,.,.,.,.,for the right price of course.
Well the pistons are like worth 500. The rods are like 700.

I would say at least 2000 factoring the labor, especially if it was balanced and blue-printed, which i assume it is.
Don't mess with me, Tip.

If you're gonna be a tool like Tip and offer me $600 for the block, don't even bother me. I'm not gonna go down over a grand from what I'm asking just because you've got a wife and kid.