Thank You Alljdm

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Just recieved the last of my parts. This is too cool
Complete skunk2 valve train(Valves, springs, and retainers), Skunk2 IM, and a set uf koni Yellows. Mmmmm. I'll take pics of everything going in as soon as it happens.

I'd like to thank Jason for the great customer service, and the great deal I got on these parts. I will be coming back to ALLJDM for parts as I need them. Thanks again!
Thats good to here, Jason is probally going to get a PM from me in the next few weeks for either some teins or ground control coilovers and a bunch of other stuff.

Are you going to just throw the valve train in or are you going to get the head PnP first?
thats cool, hope you get everything back together real quick.