Thats It, Im Going Vtec/t

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im hopefully picking up a new swap... i know, bring on the flames... but fucking A, i can't beat the deal its going for... and its already built.
here's what i have to sell-

no prices include shipping unless specified.

UPDATED: feb 13, 2003

- LS head - just head/cover/valves - clean $125
- LS head - head/cover/valves/most of the valve train - dirty not pending anymore- for sale. $100
- Crower 402T LS turbo cams - installed, but never turned on. sold
- Endyn Rollerwave pistons, 81mm bore(std.) w/ pins/rings 9.1:1 CR for LS. may fit others as well... $550
- gay wrapped del sol seats in pleather. uncomfy. know what you are buying- crap. good for a re-cover job. local prefered. sold
- B-series (ls/gsr/sir) nuformz block guard. retials for 250 from $150
- B-series skunk2 cam gears, black $sold
- 92-95 EG hatchback rear deck, cut for 6x9's. hard to find item. $45
- del Sol Si guage cluster, 12x,xxx miles on it - comes with white faced indiglo guages $100
- steelies... 14's. w/ junk tires for winter 185/60 mostly =) will not ship - $40

- LS oil pan tapped with an AN fitting for turbo return line, twice, but one is closed up, and now tapped in the proper place. includes mag. drain plug. $65
no selling out... but if you saw what i am probably going to be getting, you'd probably shit yourself :)

Calesta- keep your mouth shut. you and kyle marx are the only ones who know what is in the works =)
you are worse than a woman trying to find out what outfit to wear to the gym


buy a 240 already

[/rant] :spin:
i would if i could find a white or black s13 coupe in a stick. they simply don't seem to exist :(

anyway... yeah... so this should cut my project cost in half... and very well may be faster :)
actually, i already have one y0!

my riced out sol

hehe- its all good y0 :)

free bumps for me :)

buy my wheels

buy my car parts

buy my ls swap

buy my mom

buy my seats
brian, are we finally coming to see the light of vtec?
Ehh- B, what is the deal??

Last week it was all about the ls/t, now youre selling out to VTEC? :sleep:

Oh, well...looks like i will be the only ls/t del sol on this board :eek:
i would be retarded to turn down the deal i am working on right now.

not only will it cost less to do it this way, frankly, it takes the time out of it as well- no more waiting for JG.

ok enough of this hiding bullshit... here's the list.

Import Builders Sleeved "Killer" GSR B18C Block. It has been bored to 2.0L.
Golden Eagle Iron Sleeves (bored to 2.0L)
JE Pistons 9:1
Eagle Rods
Bore, Hone, Hot tank, Deck
Balanced Crank
Polished Crank
All new Bearings & Thrusts
All new seals, and Oil pan Gasket
New VTEC oil pump
New VTEC water pump

SiR2 B16 Head:
Full portflow valvetrain kit, good for up to 13 MM lift, 9500 RPM
Portflow Ti retainers
3-angle valve job
new valve seals and a hot tank and cleaning

Motor has USDM GSR bottom end (WITH VIN) & B16 head.
Also included is JG/Edelbrock Intake manifold.
All sensors, TB as well
This is a complete swap and comes with AXLES and LS tranny(100kmiles) with Stage IV clutchmaster clutch (4kmiles).

Only thing not included: injectors, and FPR. Everything else included

so, basically, i'm getting:
GSR swap - 3000 (call it even for the different head and tranny)
jg victorX - 500
clutch kit - 400
head work and valve train - 700
IB work - 3950

4k miles on it... just broken in :) selling because he got into trouble with it, and his car is being impounded now! HAHA. it must be fast =)

anyway, you do the math. 8 grand in shit... offer of 4 grand + shipping is being calculated =)
4k minus my ls shit for sale = free.
and my ls still wasn't built/sleeved!!! I CAN'T turn this down. its too good of a deal.
Yeah, you would be retarded to turn down that deal.

The tranny is stock and has 100K on it??
yup. i will be either trading it for a gsr/quaiffe or doing the work on it for a quaiffe. not sure yet.

i need to make a prgram to calculate speed/gear.
oh wait, we already have on in our articles section :) hondaswap owns me