The haunting in CT....

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yeah it looks good, and virginia madsen is always is a bonus lol
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every time i see the commercial for that shit i think of you guys, cuz most of you are in CT.
you should totally go to that house.


supposedly, E knows a guy who used to live there... he can tell teh story better than I if he cares to


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Going ot see this for Sho!

FYI...The House on the Left was pretty good. Nothing like i thought it was going to be. I thought it wasa horror movie.


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I saw the documentary of the haunting in CT. It was on Discovery IIRC. Definitely going to see the movie.


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This is what I got when I clicked the link.


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I'm just EF'n..
seen the movie yesterday..
it wuz pretty kool..
it just made me know that I dont wanna move to connecticut or a creepy old


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man i love to hate scary movies because i love them but when it scares the shit out of me, i get creep'ed out and paranoid for weeks. i guess its because asians are super superstitious.

anyway, this definately looks good and i havent seen a good scary movie since the Ring.


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So, now I'm waiting for E to come in and tell that story.

i dont really have much story

he lived there when he was young... he use to see shadows and shit moving around... use to hear people walking where there werent any... doors and cabinets would open and close... other weird shit... says flat out you couldnt get him to step foot in that house again... i think theres more back story than he is telling me... hes a quiet kid though and i dont want to pry too much


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when i lived in south dakota I was friends with a girl whos house was like that you would be up stairs and hear kids running and playing in the attic I was only in that house once.
but the movie was pretty good


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for the most part, most asians believe some people are more susceptible to paranormal stuff ie seeing ghost and hearing stuff. very similar to the movie "the eye" and bleach (the anime). and they tend to attract them easier too. so maybe hes one of them? either that or he probably saw something that scared the shit out of him.


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I know someone who's like that. They've been around haunted houses since he was young(his mom was even choked out when sleeping before). We went through a old Civil War era battlefield one night and he saw a ghost dead body laying near a memorial.

I don't know if they just pick the wrong houses to live in; but I've heard a girl laugh next to me one time. I thought it was coming from the window(either their mom or neighbor) since I was laying on the bed with my head by the window. Looked outside, no one. Later when I asked if their mom was home, they told me she had left somewhere with the neighbor. I shrugged it off and thought maybe I was just hearing things. Anyways, a couple of weeks later, my cousin was there with just his sister and the dog. They heard the same laugh coming from the door while in the room and the dog was freaking out. When they described the laugh that's when I was like "Oh shit, I heard that same laugh".

Anyways, my mom has seen a ghost back when she was in Viet Nam sleeping along a trail. She knew it was a ghost because it was her dead cousin. Anyways...she chased it into the woods with a butcher knife and challenged it to come out. lol. FOBs have some CRAZY ghost stories man.
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