The Look at my new bike thread

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I paid 2,400 for the bike. Its in really good shape mechanically, and is has a bunch of work done to it. It hangs with 1000cc street bikes. Probably not the best choice for a first bike for someone who has never ridden but o well. :) The price worked for me


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Originally posted by projectxspeed@Jun 3 2005, 07:57 AM
I paid 2,400 for the bike.
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i'll give you $3 for it! j/k, nice bike, wish i had a bike, but i also have never riden a bike before


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Riding a bike is more fun that driving my integra. I am soo glad I bought it.

What are frame sliders?


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Originally posted by reckedracing@Jun 3 2005, 04:56 PM

not endorsing that site, its just the first one that came up on google...

frame sliders let the bike fall/slide on the hard plastic extensions instead of smashing/scratching/sliding on your plastics..
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Nice Bike...

Have Fun....Be safe!


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wow thats a clean looking 89 750
not bad for your first bike


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Very clean bike for its age indeed!

Nice buy. :thumbsup:

Just please drive carefully and wear all your gear no matter what the temperature!