The most amazing video I've seen in a long, long time.

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Guess I'll have to get another job to support your new interest. *sigh*, I don't want to lose my job and go to jail. lol


I saw that show recently on one of my HD channels. That is awesome but I'm not sure I could ever have enough balls to become a flying squirrel.


Just thought I'd add that my wife suprised me for our anniversary with a gift certificate at Skydive San Marcos, near Austin, TX in October. I was there visiting some friends for a week and she set it all up with my buddy.

Naturally, on the day I went, the weather was shitty and I wasn't able to jump. Just sat there for 4 hours waiting for the cloud cover to clear, which it never did. I thought it would be like a couple thousand foot freefall, but according to their brochure it's like 45-50 seconds, which is like 8000 feet or something crazy.

So sometime before October I will be returning to Texas to complete this, and will have a DVD in hand afterwards. Trying to talk my buddy into going with me, but his wife is putting her foot down.


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Wingsuits are fuckin' insane. I've seen that video before. There's another one of a guy that was supposed to fly under a bridge but came up high and slammed into the stringers. He got ripped to shreds instantly. I think it's on youtube but I'm too lazy to go look for it.


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Go join the army, Go to jump school lmao! :), No seriusoly once ya jump dude, ya are going to want to jump again and again! That song Free Falling is awesome to listen to on the way down :)


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Wow that looks like fun....I think it would be fun to do a Halo jump or high altitude low opening


I'm 6'4".. And I would have one hell of a wingspan.. I might just be built for this. And I certainly do have the balls to try it.

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I would do that in a heartbeat. But I better have a backup parachute on. Fat guys + Gravity = Fail.