The strangest thing just happened....

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[17:09] Airj0ckey: that was fucking strange
[17:10] whitehatoptix: ?
[17:10] Airj0ckey: the wife left for her college about 4:30
[17:10] Airj0ckey: she called me when she was halfway there
[17:10] Airj0ckey: the lights went out
[17:10] Airj0ckey: like a charging problem
[17:11] Airj0ckey: so I had her turn around and come back home
[17:11] Airj0ckey: she gets here, and the lights are fine
[17:11] Airj0ckey: I put a volt meter on the battery...14 volts
[17:11] Airj0ckey: took the ground off...13.87
[17:12] whitehatoptix: hrm
[17:12] Airj0ckey: wire brushed the ground, put it back was about 1397
[17:12] whitehatoptix: sounds pretty normal to me
[17:12] Airj0ckey: then took the positive off
[17:12] Airj0ckey: 1386
[17:12] Airj0ckey: so I cleaned it...reconnected
[17:13] Airj0ckey: it was making about 13.95
[17:13] Airj0ckey: I had her rev it, and it jumped up to 14:02
[17:13] Airj0ckey: everything perfectly normal now
[17:13] whitehatoptix: hrm.
[17:13] Airj0ckey: I had a flash light, so I looked at the engine grounds
[17:13] whitehatoptix: what's that called
[17:13] whitehatoptix: an area where airplanes malfunction
[17:14] whitehatoptix: something about a fluctuation in the magnetic field
[17:14] whitehatoptix: otherwise unexplained.
[17:14] Airj0ckey: and then this thing was veiwed in the light
[17:15] Airj0ckey: there was a fucking mass of something between the engine valve cover and the firewall
[17:15] whitehatoptix: ?
[17:15] Airj0ckey: something I have never seen before
[17:15] whitehatoptix: like an animal?
[17:15] Airj0ckey: no fur
[17:15] whitehatoptix: slug?
[17:15] Airj0ckey: so I got a closer look
[17:16] Airj0ckey: it was a fucking apple
[17:16] whitehatoptix: ?
[17:16] Airj0ckey: an apple
[17:16] whitehatoptix: How the hell?
[17:16] Airj0ckey: I had the wife get out of the car
[17:16] Airj0ckey: and look at it
[17:16] whitehatoptix: tried to fry an apple while driving?
[17:16] Airj0ckey: it was somewhat fresh too
[17:17] Airj0ckey: I told her not to eat in the car
[17:17] Airj0ckey: she's like "WTF?!?!?!"
[17:18] Airj0ckey: I guess some critter found an apple, and drug it up to the engine bay to munch on since it's warm when I get home
[17:18] whitehatoptix: haha
[17:18] whitehatoptix: that'd make sense
[17:18] whitehatoptix: do you get ferrets there?
[17:18] Airj0ckey: but why it would make the headlights go dim is a mystery
[17:18] Airj0ckey: nope
[17:18] whitehatoptix: well, what metal is the valve cover?
[17:18] whitehatoptix: aluminum?
[17:18] Airj0ckey: yup
[17:18] whitehatoptix: and the chassis is steel?
[17:19] Airj0ckey: yup
[17:19] whitehatoptix: an apple is acidic, right?
[17:19] Airj0ckey: so it would act just like a ground
[17:19] Airj0ckey: yup
[17:19] whitehatoptix: the apple turned the car into a battery
[17:19] Airj0ckey: right next to the spark plug
[17:19] whitehatoptix: ahhhh
[17:19] whitehatoptix: you were grounding out the spark plug
[17:19] whitehatoptix: easier path to ground
[17:19] whitehatoptix: the apple heats up, juices seep
[17:19] Airj0ckey: quite possible
[17:20] whitehatoptix: missfire causes all kinds of havok?
[17:20] Airj0ckey: I've found dead moice, birds, and other animals in engine
[17:20] whitehatoptix: I found a large rat once.
[17:20] Airj0ckey: but this is the first time I"ve found fruit in an engine bay
[17:21] whitehatoptix: it crawled up into the intake pipe
[17:21] whitehatoptix: cheewd through the air filter
[17:21] whitehatoptix: and started living in the airbox
[17:21] whitehatoptix: well, we started the car
[17:21] whitehatoptix: and the turbo chowed down.
[17:21] whitehatoptix: on rat.
[17:21] Airj0ckey: when I took the intake off the CRX to put the carbs on, I found all kinds of nuts and shells in the intake
[17:21] Airj0ckey: I'm so glad I did not try to start the car
[17:22] whitehatoptix: yeah
[17:22] Airj0ckey: calls from the wife saying the lights are out
[17:22] Airj0ckey: she headed back to school
[17:22] whitehatoptix: generally, I'd never start any car without checking the entire intake tract.
[17:23] whitehatoptix: at least shine a fiberoptic light into the spark plug holes, and look through the intake manifold.
[17:23] Airj0ckey: your Z has been parked for quite a while now
[17:23] whitehatoptix: yeah, I plan on checking that shit out.
[17:23] Airj0ckey: I just wonder how many grapes and other vegitables are in it
[17:23] whitehatoptix: eh?
[17:24] whitehatoptix: htf do grapes get in there?
[17:24] Airj0ckey: I know the interior had a mouse attack before I got it...
[17:24] whitehatoptix: haha
[17:24] whitehatoptix: I plug up both ends of an engine if i store it outside
[17:24] Airj0ckey: but all that was in the car were leaves and those seeds that fall from tree's and spin like a helicopter
[17:24] whitehatoptix: ahhh.
[17:24] whitehatoptix: ok, maple I think
[17:24] whitehatoptix: those suck.
[17:25] Airj0ckey: hell...this is postworthy


Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace


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that looks horrible. i wonder if the animal fell out along the drive.


Watanabe Whore!!!
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another strange thing....

I am actually cleaning up the garage.:ph34r:




and my Kansai header came today for the CRX...:ph34r:



Watanabe Whore!!!
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if it was a lime...then the wife would kill


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I found another option for how it got there.

She's driving down the road, and an apple truck overturns in front of her. She's switching stations on the radio, so she doesn't notice, now follow me here:

An apple bounces along the road, gets hit by one of the tires, thus lodging it in the engine bay, it hits the alternator belt, and flies upward, and gets lodged into the area you described.

That's totally believable.


:ph34r::ph34r:Nope......they where ninja apples..................:ph34r::ph34r:


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I usually dont read all of these IM conversations, but that was a good mid-day break...rep


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Or maybe a truck was going down the road with a load of apples and 1 or 2 bounced out along the way. kinda what happens down here with orange trucks. coming straight from the fields once in a while some bounce out.