There's 30 of them T-shirts

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my try at t-shirt hell... lol

so, you all know the joke...
What's the best thing about 36 year olds?
There's 30 of them


Rock the shirt.


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Originally posted by senate_9427@Jul 14 2005, 02:48 AM
are you selling those B? or did you just find the link?
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i made the design last night. :p selling them in the store. there will be more. i'm jumping on the t-shirt band wagon :)

Bob Vila

I don't think anyone will get it.

As you kind of need the lead in question to understand the punchline...

Nah....I prefer the "I eat more pussy than cervical cancer" shirt from T-Shirt hell.

Or the "I like my women like I like my coffee, ground up and in the freezer" shirt.
thats sick...

btw thats a cool site, i have never seen it before. so how much do you actually make off the shirts and how much has to be payed to the site?
The joke is actually 'what's the best thing about having sex with thirty six year olds?' left out the sex part. It's funnier with the sex part.