Things Are Dieing.....

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OK i've got a 95 civic coupe dx, it has about 100k on it, and recently things have started to go. first was about a year ago, it was my horn. i was honking at a deer and it just sort of died. now my dash makes a clicking noise. the horn used to work intermittently but hasn't in a long time.

i don't really care about the horn but it may be connected to the real problem.

the real problem is my headlights. the low beam on the right went out about 2 weeks ago. i thought it was just the bulb so i replaced both and still had the same problem. so i checked the fuse and its ok. but last night the high beam on the left went out. so i have a low beam on the left and a high beam on the right. if anyone has experienced this problem please let me know.

also if anyone knows how hard it would be to completely rewire the head lights i would appreciate it.

when u changed the bulb in the right low beam, did the new one blow out? was the old bulb blown out? if the bulbs were NOT blown (still look ok), then it might the wiring. if they DID blow, then maybe u just got a bogus new bulb. there is really no chance of a surge blowing out the bulb if the fuse is still intact. i kinda doubt it is a wiring problem too because if there was a short in the wiring, it would have blown the fuse.

the only electrical thing that might be wrong is...the wires are not getting any juice from the battery. not sure how you would check that. if u have a 12 volt flashlight battery lying around, hook up a bulb to that battery and see if it works. then install the bulb in your car and see if it works.

about the dashboard clicking it only when the car is in motion? i thought i heard my dashboard clicking once and realized it was my keys hitting the steering column (duh). just thought id mention it.

the horn thing is probably just a worn out horn button.

hope some of that helps B) good luck


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no dude the button actually makes a clicking noise under the dash. i think my horn may have died tho.

about the bulbs tho i put my old ones back in. the driver side worked fine, i.e. no problems hi or lo, the passenger side had a problem with the low beam tho. i looked at the bulbs i had just pulled out and the drivers side had blown the hi filament and the passenger side had blown the low filament. so sdoes that mean the passenger side has power.

can a bulb still be dead even tho the filament is still in tact?

maybe i should stop beinging a cheap ass and go buy new bulbs, but the bulbs i just pulled out were brand new.


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B) hey dude,

I did the h4 conversion on my low rider toyota pick up and there should be three wires in any heaqdlight system, 1- a ground wire, 2- a low beam power wire, and 3- a high beam power wire. If I were you I would try to figure out which wire is the ground first, (you dont want to put power to that one, ouch, sparks), then take a wire from the positive terminal from your battery and touch it to one of the low or high beam terminals on the bulb and see if it comes on. If you try it on both the high and low beam and the light works, then you know that your bulbs are good and that your wiring needs some attention. Some things that I have had problems with is broken wires or corroded wires, Hope some of this information is helpful to you in solving your problems.... Any more questions feel free to ask..... oh yeah and as for the clicking under your dash, it can be a few things, but most likely a horn relay is clicking. To wire up a horn it is very easy, let me know if you need help.......



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cool dude... the top plug for the top wire is cracked and i think some water got on it and killed it... gotta check the bulbs tho cause when i put a new set in that low beam filament blew instantly.

yeah i think my horn died. gonna get a volt meter tho to check the connection.