Things are looking up

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Well I found out yesterday, that i get to go back to college, and i got some grant and my schooling this yr is paid for... plus ill have extra and im getting a stafford loan, and that will pay for my swap.... well to them it is living i need a fast car to live right... :D ... well thats all the good news for now....
i can not wait. my swap will be here sooner then i thought... dec.... i wont have to skate around anymore
i got a raise today :) went from 8.11/hr to 8.27/hr. not much of a raise but a raise is a raise.
no crap, ive been bumming rides for 2 months, because there is shit for imports here, and both my jobs suck because i dont get enough hours.

things might be looking up, im looking at a 90 'teg rs with 144k for 2K. so i m tryinh to convince the parents to go for it and rebuild the motor (mmmm, B18)