Things For Sale


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Ive cleaned out a few things in my garage and here are some items for sale, items are priced without shipping charges unless otherwise noted.
Brand new gauge cluster/gauge pod, surrounds the gauge cluster and holds (2) 2-1/16" gauges, fits a 96-00 civic. BRAND NEW $50 SHIPPED
NOTE: Gauge Not Included. For show purpose only.

B16A SiR1 Clutch, took out of my recently purchased b16 from hmo, installed a new excedy stage 1 clutch, already had clutch before engine was recieved. About 50% Clutch wear left, includes pressure plate. $30 +SHIPPING

Clutch Pics
Pressure Plate Pic
JDM B16 A/C bracket w/ tensioner pulley. $25 +SHIPPING

Alpine SPS 690A 6"X9" Speakers $45 +SHIPPING

Also Stock 1988 honda crx dx ecu, pm5 i believe, if anyone is interested let me know.


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Someone buy these speakers, I have a kickass headunit and no speakers in the rex!
I need (4) 6.5"
$50 shipped for speakers
Only used for 5 months, then taken out of car, never installed in another!


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im almost certain that the ac brackets are hte same for almost all b16's, but then again im not sure... so will it work on a b20?