This guiy is annoying the hell out of me

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I'm in my father's garage in Queens and there's this jackass that lives next to him. Everyday at 10 AM he comes out and "works" on his piece of shit Buick or whatever the hell it is. I swear to go he sits out there and revs the shit out of it every five minutes yet I've never seen it leave the driveway, has no bumpers and is just garbage. I've never realized how annoying that is, he revs the shit up and down, up and down, up and down. :angry: :angry:

I swear I'm going to end up going there in the middle of the night and towing his shit down the block. I'm going to respect my neighbors now, cause it really is annoying. I only worked on the civic at night and tried to keep the noise down, this guy doesn't care. He speaks french or something so I can't even tell him to shut the fuck up.

had to let some steam off. :unsure:
i dunno. I can see removing some grounds and watch him search for the problem, that could be amusing. That way there's no real harm done and can entertain me for a few minutes.
its a buick... blow it up.

no seriously, does he leave it outside? unlocked? hood popped? if hte hood it popped cut some wires, remove hte coil packs... put sugar in his oil filler cap.
Must be a haitian.

Also, if you just slice the ground, give it a few strands, ( the engine to body ground ) the car will catch fire when he tries to start it. The voltage will go through, the amperage will be too great, it will go through anything to get to teh starter - ebrake cable, fuel lines, wire harness..

That thing will just sizzle and go boom.

-> Steve
its not that serious, just one of those things that get to me.

he has every right to rev the shit out of it. It's just really annoying. What if I were your neighbor and every morning at sunrise I used a turkey call just 10x louder for 5 mins. I bet you'd be pretty pissed after a few days cause you'd be waking up at 5 am.

I'm not staying here all that long but seriously, he's had this car for years, and been doing the same thing just about everyday that I was here and he got the car running.

People are REALLY persistant. Like the guy across the street NEVER misses a day to wash his cars. Snow, he washes it, Rain he washes it, night, day. If there's any inclimate weather that will possibly damage his car and he couldn't get it to storage fast enough he would literally put himself up against it. He would lay on top of his Denali to prevent any sort of damage to the car.
Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jun 9 2005, 11:36 AM
and yea, I think he is haitian.
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Bingo !

I had neighbors... They were monsters. Two sisters, each wieghed over 400 pounds - Easy. They had a fat retarded kid there too, that easily dwarfed them. Every morning these "people" would pour themselves into a Chevette just outside of my window - 6 am. They would start the car, and immediately FLOOR IT and wait in it. They kept the pedal TO THE FLOOR until it was warmed up, then they drove away. I asked her why she did that, and she said "this car is old, you have to put the pedal to the floor to start it, and you have to wait for the temperature to get to the middle of the guage before you drive it."

So for 3 years, there it was. Until the car died. Wonder why. but 6am you hear "WA WA WA WA WA WA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" for 10 or so minutes out of a car with no exhaust.

-> Steve
yea, some haitians have weird habits.

I can't stand it. Whats with them revving the shit out of their cars though.