This guy has to be teasing me...

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Rest In Peace
I already bought 2 sets of Advan A048 from this guy...and I love the hell out of he is a good seller....but remember...these are used race tires..and mounting them will more than likely not balance out of the 8 had a flat spot..but not to bad...but for just getting some cheap rubber to autocross or to drift on...this guys auctions are teasing the hell out of me... :angry:

I need a second job :(

OMGHI2U Racetire dude...

I wonder how the A008's are :ph34r:


Originally posted by allbottledup@Jul 26 2005, 05:18 PM
i got a set from him. I did an offer bid and got it for $35 and $35 shipping..havent mounted them yet waiting to get some more power in the rex
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