This hobo is an entrepeneur


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I should have sat at the rest areas and thought of an idea like that.

"What's your business here"

"I need to pee"

"Who else in the car needs to pee?"

"Sir, it going to cost you $2 a person to pee plus $2 to park. Your total is $10"


"What's your business here"

"I need to take a rest"

"Well Sir, it's $2 to park. Then it's $2 every half hour to "rest"."


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Hey, it's better than some of the homeless people i've seen in Washington with signs who are rocking beards, rags for clothes, and a shiny gold necklace.


Where's the pic of the homeless guy with the sign that says 'Ninjas killed my brother. Need money for karate lessons'

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How about this one?



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Yeah, well heres one. Theres a big agriculture program at my school, one day I picked up the paper and the headline reads "Homeless Man Arrested For Stealing Avacados!" Turns out he stole 3500 dollars worth lol.


I like the honest bums, I would be more likely to give them a buck if they said it was for a hooker and some crack rather than some made up bs. I am just glad that all the bums who walk the streets next to my store don't bug me for change since I have told most of them off at one point, you got to because they always seem to have new clothes and are always drunk.
Except a few weeks ago I almost got in a fight with one because he wanted a cigarette and I didn't have any left, he thought I was lying. He kept trying to start a fight and was trying to jump in front of my truck. The easy end to it was grabing my foot and a half wrench for changing to different size balls for my trailer hitch. I just held it in my hand and yelled you really want a cigarette that bad. He backed off and I threw the empty pack at him. Haven't seen the asshole since. For people who know me I am not a violet person at all.


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i really dont think hes in a bad situation. he made some money and in the so called "worst case scenerio" he gets 3 hots and a cot. i bet thats alot more than he had on the street.


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I know a couple homeless dudes that would rob conveinence stores, just so they could get picked up and have a place to live for a couple months.

on that note...



Next time a bum asks you for a dollar, do what I do...
Ask them first! I tell them about my honda debt,college loans, blah blah

The look they give you is PRICELESS.


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My favorite is

Bum: "Hey man, you got an extra smoke?"

Me: Opens pack, looks in..."Sorry man, only got 20 with this one, no extras".
ha yeah, where my apt is in center city philly, there are pretty many bums. Whenever they ask i either just ignore them or if im in a bad mood tell them about how im 10's of thousands of dollars in debt because of college and how they probably make more than me sitting collecting quarters all day than i do at some shitty part time job so they can eat shit