This is one HOT CRX

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Funny thing is i know a guy that did a "EK conversion" also(it was more of a hack job; no fabrication just zip tying the EK bumper and headlights on), that looks better but still gay.
lol, there's one that was for sale around here when i was looking for one, within 2 weeks ago, it was lime green, ek headlights, supra tail lights, and painted interior to match the lime green exterior. LMAO


Originally posted by erebunicrx@May 11 2005, 10:10 PM
i've got one for sale jeff ;)
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I am possibly interested. Let me know more about it. Is it running because I really have no where to work on it?
I might drive it into a brick wall...


Maybe I'll try a Wil and try to roll it...


maybe it should just be set on fire...


maybe it just needs to put out of it's misery like the guy with the LeBaron, couple shots with the double barrel should do it.