This Proves It

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what's wrong with this statement?

'The suspect was wearing a green and yellow varsity-type jacket and left the scene in a small mid-size car.'

whoever wrote that is a moron. cops are stupid as well


Senior Member
it says they think he went out the back door...uh you would think that if they were barricading the place they would have guarded the back door.


Senior Member
or at least have one of the fucking cops watching it. it pisses me off to think that they actually pay these worthless fucks with OUR tax money :angry:


Junior Member
Just thinking about it... white guy.. medium build... green jacket.. this doesn't narrow it down the suspect AT ALL


Senior Member
I wonder how long it was before the guy left. It would make them look even more stupid if they were standing out there talking him out for over an hour and he had left 5 min into the ordeal.

:owned: :ufucktard: