this true??

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:confused:so i was at my local muffler shop getting a piece of flexpipe put in at the downpipe/exhaust flange and when he was pullin my car pullin my car outta the garage now my car is basically slammed on tein h-techs and koni yellows and he tells me i could get a fat ass ticket for riding that low but i was confused i have run a jap front plate as long as i have had the car that low and its been about 7 months i live in missouri btw and i have looked high and low for a law that backs up that he was tellin me the truth but my question is do you think that he was just blowing smoke up my ass or what??:huh:
any POSITIVE replys are appreciated


there are laws but very rarely are they enforced,only in cali rlly:D




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the law does exist for safety reasons, The bumper is meant to soften your impact if you were to get into a accident or something. The way the states see it if you adjust your ride height either too high or too low. you could be risking yourself and anyone else you get into accident with. Some officers are complete dicks about it. and some really dont care. I have friends that have trucks that are on hydro suspensions and when they get pulled over for stuff their usually a dick about it and drop the truck to the ground. and the cop always trys to give them crap about it being an unlawful height. if i remember correctly for florida atleast, that little booklet they give out for you to take your drivers license test, has something about ride height in it. If not you can always get online and search it up.


^ yup.

if you rear end a rig, you're going under it.... which means your windsheild will take most the hit... which means, you better duck fast or your going to lose your head.

Along the same lines, manholes and such are sometimes above the road surface. if you damage one with your car, and they find yoru car to be too low, they can make you pay for the manhole, pipe, etc that was damanged.

At the end of the day, the car doesn't even handle good that low...

so, there's 0 good reason to be on the ground, except if you also like altezza tail lights. Yes, i called you a ricer :)



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proper suspension geometry > slammed ryde y0!