Throwing a code 20

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hey guys, is it possible im throwing the cell code 20 on my gsr swap cos im still using the OBD2 distributor wheres everything else on the car like ecu, under dash wiring is OBD1??

is this a possible cause?
rite the motor is obd2, i think its around a 1998, its a ukdm b18c4 and im using the b18's obd2 engine harness
my car is a 1994 eg hatch, over here in the uk they are obd0 believe it or not so i stipper the underdash (cabin) harness out a replaced it with a obd1 vti (b16a2) obd1 harness.. im running a jdm obd1 p72 ecu.

so basicly - OBD2 B18C4, OBD2 Engine harness, OBD1 Under dash harness, OBD1 Jdm p72 ecu..