Thunderbird Turbo Into a Civic?

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I have an '88 Thunderird Turbocoupe and a '91 civic Dx h/b. The front end of the Ford is all fucked up and the Honda isn't fast enough. I've had the Idea of fitting the turbo in the Honda but don't know if it's possible. Ne1 out there have knowledge of crossing OEM turbos into a Honda application? Is this possible? How would I go about doing it? :beer:


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Thanx. pissedoffsol is the shit. Everytime I've asked a question you've given me a good, consise answer. Its the good people with vast tech knowledge that make these forums what they are.
I'm diffenately gonna look into a 'DX turbo Coupe'


Originally posted by timEspeed@Dec 27 2002, 04:58 PM
pissedoffsol is the shit.

wipe your ass, cuz i'm the shit


No prob dude :)


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Yeah shit is right...
Theres no sizes listed for the T-bird turbo.
But generally, what modifications would be required for this? Has ne1 done this sort of 'swap' before?


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It's not really a "swap", it's more of a "modification". Look up - the guy there used a junkyard turbo and fitted a system to his car. You can really use any turbo you want, given the proper manifold setup... build your own manifold, run your own piping/wastegate, and you're in business. Just be careful with your fuel management, or you could end up with a dead engine.