thundercats hoooo

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blocked..grrrrrr...going home in 5!

its so dead i'm watching mild porn at the office. i let my leasing agents go,all the residents are gone for the holidays, no phone calls at all and well im all alone.
I'll have to check it out when I get home. You know, I STILL have Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetarah, Willy Kit, Willy Kat, Snarf, Tigra AND the Thundertank. :D I used to love that show and would still watch it if I could nowadays.
the mummy,. that alien movie with tim allen, lord of the rings, armagedon, star wars, garfield, and of course, troy, x-men and spy kids.

voltron is better.
dont forget pitch black and indiana jones and a few others im to tired to list lol
serious, it looks like a cool movie!

probably cuz its a bunch of successful movies put together. lol