ticket, 60 in a 45


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so..how much is driving school? cuz im fucked. got caught on a big downhill. luckily, the cop was somewhat nice and didnt arrest me for 1. being out past curfew and as a corollary 1a. driving without a license

either way, i'll probably end up going to driving school to not get raped by insurance..anything else i can do?


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Depending on what state you're in, If you go to court and traffic school asap, then It never goes on record. Given that you don't have other tickets. So go to court and traffic school so your record will remain clean. That's how it is here in Nevada.


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for 15 over? You'll get at most 2 points on the license and you shouldn't have to attend driving school.

Usually cops can get reckless driving tickets for 20 over and then you have to go to traffic court and defensive driving classes.

all in all my last ticket cost me 150 for the speeding ticket 150 for reckless driving ticket, 40 for DD and 50 for court crap. So uh...yeah I don't speed in the city anymore. Why's it so hard to go at or 5 over the limit anymore?


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Originally posted by silver@Apr 4 2004, 01:21 AM
1. being out past curfew

:hmm: cuurr..ffew? :hmm: :p

btw, traffic school for me was around 35 dollars.
p.s. do NOT take the online driving school, my brother thought it was gonna be a basic but that shit took him a week to finish.


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Don't sweat a speeding ticket that's 15 over. I got a 55 in a 25 in a state park, and $90 for the lawyer and $110 in court costs got everything cleared up without any insurance hikes -


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Originally posted by Engwar@Apr 4 2004, 08:34 PM
$90 for the lawyer and $110 in court costs

$90!? DAMN! Who is your lawyer?! My lawyer charges $500 to appear in traffic court.

And $110 for court costs is ridiculous! It's usually not more than $40.


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get a new lawyer,,,,,I always pay exactly 100 for every moving violation I get....

clean record and no driving school.


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a statey watched me unlawfully pass in a double yellow in a school zone...and gave me a $38 ticket for tail gating..what a gentlemen. true story