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First off id like to thank everyone who is going to respond to my boost thread. Thanks I need the help.Ive been going all motor to this point and now I think its time to boost. Im a little new to boost but, ive helped with a t-25 on a d16 system and a tdo4 on a b18a. but both have not gained the power we were expected. So now its my turn.

Engine specs: B18B1 P&P head and mani's, b16 pistons(but will be going back to my B18 for compression reasons), walbro intank fuel pump, volvo 740 turbo injectors, and adjustable fuel psi regulator.

I want to build my own system, feels more personal that way. I just wanna know what turbo to go with and manifolds durability. should I go internal or external for wastegates. Should I use a vortec fmu or just a safc.

Im looking for hp out puts to be around 240-270 hp.

Any help is welcome, gonna start building as soon as I get income tax refund and sell my other B18B.

Thanks Fools B)
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I dunno what size turbo yet, ive heard so many good things about diffrent turbos, im just not sure. Thats the reason for this post. I was thinking T3/04 or IHI or the super 60.

I dont rember what the flow rate for the injectors were, I looked them up at my buddies work last summer when I got em but I forgot now. I know it was close to 450 or something. makes me run a little rich, thats for sure.


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And neither do dsm injectors, or supra injectors but if you know how to dremel and fit plastic seals it works fine. Volvo injectors sont fit unless you do a tiny bit of work. and they dont leak.


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i dont think you need an external wastegate if you're only going 240-270, plenty of turbos can do that w/ an internal wastegate.
also, a super 60 is overkill for the power you're looking for
and what do you think a t3 super 60 is? lol

an LS to 250 hp is going to take about 8-10 psi on a t3/t04e .63

i think thats a good turbo for your setup. any smaller, and you're going to need more boost to reach your goal. mroe than 10 psi of boost, you going to need a 3-bar map sensor. 3 bar map sensor requires a hondata or better system that can re-chart the voltages for each bar level from the 1.8 bar oem map.


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cant i just use a jdm super afc, i thought i read some where that that thing can change voltage along with the air flow and stuff. if not i guess ill have to go with hondata.<---pricey though huh?

so pissedoffsol, should i go external or internal waste gate? Im probobly gonna get the turbo next week along with piping and accesseries.

thanks again
even by changing the voltage, the vafc hack only supports 10 psi. the oem map sensor simply can't READ anything above 10.65 psi on obd1/2 cars. the code happens from the ECU- and that map signal is taken from the map sensor. if the map can't read it in the first place, it can't be volted down to the ecu via the afc.

hondata is really not that expensive. the s200/b is $495. add injectors ($50-400 depending on brand and used or new) and dyno time- something you'd have to do for the vafc anyway, really.

so the 300 of the afc vs 495 of the hondata is really the 200 difference between a hack job and a top of the line engine management system. to me, its a no brainer.

you'll be hard-pressed to find a t3/to4e with an internal gate. tial 38 it up :)

what manifold are you looking at?


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thanks mang, :thumbs up: thanks for all the input pissedsol. i got a budget of 1800 bucs so i searched ebay,( say what you wanna) for a mani and have it reinforced so I dont have to worry about cracking but I dont know yet. eh should I go equal lengh or the short stuff? Ive hear the powaer gains and loses for each but Ide rather hear it here before i deside. eh gotta go to the bar now. cYa