Timing Belt rubs

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New Member
I'm running a fresh D16Z6 with a high compression head gasket. The timing belt rubs on the timing belt cover. How can I fix this?
Does the tensioner max out at the factory torque, or could I get in there and tighten it some more?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Its spring loaded so you can't really adjust it.

Where is it rubbing? Is the belt is trying to fall off of the cam gears or is it rubbing on the outside of the cover? Did you re-assemble your crank pulley correctly with the required guides? (warped washer looking things)
The belt is wearing down on the side facing the left fender. The belt isn't rubbing all the way around either, just in some spots. I'm not sure exactly what part of the cover its rubbing on. I know I put the washer thing and pin in with the pulley as well.
I believe I found the problem. When My engine was out of the car I took the timing belt cover off. Three main pieces came out, but it only takes two to look like it'll get the entire thing covered. I don't have one of them in, so It must have supported another piece. Does anyone have a diagram of how the third smallest piece goes in? I'll go jimmy with it and see if I can fix it.
I installed the timing belt wrong. I forgot to turn the crank equivalent to 3 teeth on the cam in order to get the correct tension after I torqued the tensioner. No more problems with it rubbing. Live and you learn.