Timing issues

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i have a 91 crx i swoped a d16a bottom end with a d16 z6 head so its full d16 with vtec i swithced it from dpfi to mpfi aswell so my ?

i got the car to run and the cam gear and belt side is in timing but the distrubtor side is not and where it is in timing and keeps the car running it wont bolt up to any of the ears so whats a solution to that? would it be safe to turn the cam gear so its a couple teeth back and it work or will it be in the position to where the vales will be down when the piston is up and mess up the valves and motor?????
what's 42u? what did it come off of? you need a distributor from a z6 head, that's the only distributor that will mount up exactly
it will it bolts up to all the ears its a vtec dizzy, i swithed 2 sensors around and it is closer so i think im s tooth or 2 off and i need to fix that but well c
it doesn't matter if the distributor is "vtec" or not, that has nothing to do with it. a distributor does just that, distributes. and what it distributes is spark, nothing more.

anyways, do you know how to line everything up? meaning that the cam and crank are both at top dead center? the a6 bottom with z6 head is the most common swap so you should be able to search and find tons of info on that.