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I have a B16 in a 92 civic and the motor will start but sounds like a mustang 5.0 with a huge cam in it. What is wrong with this motor? I plan on putting it in the shop to fix it but it would help me if I could send them on the right track. Thanks
Check your vacuum lines, or your timing, mine did the same thing, it was the vacuum lines. Make sure they are correct, or else you get horrible gas mileage.
If your car is running to rich will it cause it to act like this, I have a skunk 2 intake and aem FPR and rail. Should I sale them and go back to stock? I want to turbo soon but dont have the money...Thanks for all the help, im leaving it up to the pro, he is looking at it tomorrow for me and hopefully he will be able to get it running for me....Not haveing a car sucks!!!!