Tippmann A5,98 and Old School VM68

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Selling my 3 paintball guns Tippmann A5 with no upgrades barely used.....Tippmann 98 custom with expansion chamber and after market barrel.....and VM68 with expansion chamber and after market barrel Guns are in great shape have always been taken care of its just I have not played for a few years and don't really plan on playing again anytime soon

I also have 2 extra paint holders that carry an extra 400 paintballs and a spare co2 tank.....I want $200 for the A5, $125 for the 98 and $100 for the VM68 but I will also include a mask and 1 on the extra paint holders with any of the guns the guns will also come with 2 co2 tanks I will sell all of it together masks, co2 tanks, guns and extra paint holders all together for $275

I will post pictures up later