Tired Of Your B16crx?

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Senior Member
I know this isn't directly a "what to swap" question but bear with me, please. I'm prepping for a b16 into my '89 CRX Hf and was just kind of wondering how long it took you guys (with b16 crxs that is) to get tired of the power it had to offer in the begining (don't lie, greed begets greed, thats why you swaped in the first place ;) ) I'd like to think that this will never happen to me but who am i kidding. Basically, how long will i have the swap before I go boost?
I don't think it is a crx specific question.I am planning on swapping again someday,but it isn't because I am tired of the power my engine has,it is because,well,I want to.It's like any other hobby you don't stop because you did one,you know?Like painting,when your through with one it's time to do another.