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Just got back from it. It kicked ass. It was an extremly fast course, only about 30 or so seconds long(unless your my dad) and you could make it to top of second pretty easily. The course was a big figure 8 on TireRack.com's skid pad with a few obsitales here and there. I did pretty good, getting third in my class (DSP) My last rota showed up on friday so I put my SO3's on. Man do those things stick like crazy. Since my dad's car was out of comission, he drove my car also. This was his first autoX and I dont know if I will be able to get him to drive in one again. He got so lost in the track (i didn't think it was that hard) Also, he was babying the car so much, the first lap I dont think he got above 4 grand. He could not get the hang of it. I drove in the car once along with him, kinda co-poilting him then an offical drove along one time. Out of the four laps, he did not finish any one because he keeped on going outside gates. I think he was just to nervious.

Only time when i really screwed up was the first run when I took a corner to tight plus I was not looking ahead, ended up having to put it in reverse, then get back on track. Other than that, I did pretty smoothly. Only place that I could have gained a second or so was the last turn. Everyone was taking it balls out, I kinda slowed down a little. I can't wait to put the tein's in, my car swayed so much.

Jack was also there (98IntegraLS) he did pretty good. Out of all the integras that were there, jack made the one turn where I slowed down the best on his second run (third run tried to improve = 2 down cones and a swideways integra)

My best time was a 33.xxx, my dads was like 45 with a DNF.

Here is a Pic of my dad at the starting grid.

Oh and Jack, if you could not already Tell, when my car had 19 on it, it was me, when the #'s where upside down and said 61, that was my dad.
hahaha it was so funny when u took the wrong turn. you almost hit ME.

i was like OH SHIT im gonna get killed by a hondaswap member after all. LOL :lol:.

its all good man.

I actually only got to do one run. the fisrt one in the maroon teggy was me driving my bro. unfortunalty my car wasnt done :(. i WILL have my teg at the one in yipsi next sunday (apr 13?). why were u in DSP btw?? i didnt get to many pics unfortunatly cause i was working the corner and then was driving/riding with my bro for 2 runs.

ill get my pics up then post up a link.

what was ur best lap btw? i pulled out a 30.57x + 2 cones on my 1 and only run. i was damn happy with that :)
best time was a 33.xxx. I think I could have done alot better if I had less body sway. (for those who wernt there, every corner of my car was trying to fly). I was in DSP because I had was wheels and intake (intake put me from sts to dsp). I could have also ran in STS and been a tad more compeditive if I would have put my stock intake back on. If I get everything done this week, I will be at the ipsy one.

My wrong turn was funny but at least I corrected mine unlike my dad :lol: What I thought was more funny was my second pass, I was riding with my dad (me driving, him shotty) after I crossed the finishline, I waited too long to brake, I had to stomp on my brakes and smoke my tires to stop. There were like 4 cones and a ditch there, Going through that would not have been good.
u wernt the only one that almost went in.. i think someone DID go off lol.

an intake shouldnt have taken you out of STS... thats weird