tires for my 16's


im looking for some new tires for my 16's, i have been looking at the:
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3

& the Pirelli PZero Nero

i want 215/40/16's anyone else have any good tire suggestions. these will be summer only tires & also be a good performance tire.


anyone with any experience with those goodyears?? friend of mine has them on his monte carlo, but since the thing handles like a boat, its hard to tell. anyone?


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i like pirelli tires, i got p6000's on my car, my brother has azenis on his car. the azenis are great tires for dry pavement, and I love them, they grip well, but they wear like hell. 10k miles its time for a new set. I would go with the pirellis if your between them 2.

that tread pattern on the pirelli looks crazy
the tread pattern on the goodyear looks like it will hum when you drive(annoying)
between the set of wheels/tires i bought then sold to bill, my azenis went 15k of daily driving, about 5 or 6 auto crosses, and several "spirited drives" before the car was sold with still plenty of drivable tread life.

if you're only getting 10k out of a set, your suspension is setup horribly wrong, you enjoy doing burnouts, or you flat out don't know how to drive and over push the tires