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the dx hatch seats blow and wobble.... i need to replace them.

I've got the following in a cart right now...

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Item Options Unit
Price Quantity Subtotal
Corbeau CR1
(Pair of Seats)

Available Colors: 20901 Black Cloth

Lumbar Support: No Lumbar

Seat Width: Wide Version (+$119)
917.00 1 917.00
Corbeau Seat Brackets
Side: Driver/Left
MAKE/MODEL: HONDA CIVIC (ALL) 92 (+$78.5) 78.50 1 78.50
Corbeau Seat Brackets
Side: Passenger/Right
MAKE/MODEL: HONDA CIVIC (ALL) 92 (+$78.5) 78.50 1 78.50
Total Purchases 1074.00
Shipping 0.00
Tax 0.00
Total for RACING SEATS USA 1074.00

i need the wide version cuz theres no way my tubby ass is fitting in a 34" seat. the wide will hold a 40 it says, and im a 38, so it should be a good fit. they only sell them in pairs... so basically, this is 1075 bucks shipped for two new front seats with sliders.
i dunno... i really don't want to spend this kind of money... but everything cheaper either sucks, is fixed-back, or all-out racing seat (i still want to drive this car without a helment and fire suit :p )



I'd get the cloth GTS II's, more sleeper, look supportive, nice and comfy too. The TRS and A4's look nice too.


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E has the A4's in normal width. i don't fit in them... im a HAIR too wide in the shoulder area... i can't put my back fully in the seat. that said, the wide version of the a4 goes up to a 44" wasit, thus i think it would be too lose on me. the 40 of the cr1's appeals to me. the cr1 and a4 look pretty damn similar IMO.
same deal with the trs.
the GTSII does nothing for me... doesn't look supportive at all, and the headrest is gay, plus, at some point, the hatch will be caged and harnessed up-- and those don't have harness ports.


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del sol seats suck. i have a set. they don't hold me how i want to be held.


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yeah, but next year, this car won't be registered.... its going to be an all out race car.

i've even thought about getting a full race seat like a kirkey... but in the mean time, i don't think its practical...


Save the money and put it towards getting out of your parent's basement.
i like the "your own pad" idea too... But we all know your not doing that...

I do know i remember seeing those seats somewhere else for like 1-200 cheaper than that price though...

What about teg seats?
I'm a 38, and I fell in love the first time I sat in the front seat of a 91 Prelude. They hold my hips ribs and shoulders just right. SO I went to the local yard, pulled a set, had them reupholstered and put them in my hatch.



The TRS is one inch narrower in the shoulders than the CR1, and one inch wider in the "kidney bolsters" that hold your belly section in. They're rated for a 36 inch waist, so you can slide in there without any problems. It might be worth a look.