To kit or Not to kit, That is the question...

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Ok, here I am with my Project-Ef (The Rhd Eg6 is on the sidelines for a min) and it needs bumpers. While at the junkyard today picking up a fender and a wheel bearing, somebody walked up to me, and asked for a screwdriver. We started talking, and he told me he has a new Wings West 6pc kit for sale. Im like Hmm... I need bumpers anyway. So i ask him how much, and he give me a price of 200.

So im pondering if i should pick up this wings west kit. I am about done with the bodywork on my hatch, and it will be in primer tomarow. I just picked up the paint today, Dark Charcoal Pearl (kinda like a dark gunmetal).

I cannot find any bumpers in good shape localy, so this is my other option.

This car is gona be my daily, and the kit is poly. I just think it would be fun to drive a kitted car. I am also throwing on some Si wheels, dropping it a couple inches, and putting a low compression mini me swap in it.

So what do you guys think? Just say screw it, and go with the kit? Its gona be quick (hoping for mid 14's with the turbo) so its not gona be all show. Plus the opening is gona help airflow to my intercooler.

Hmm. Im on the fence on this one.
Man I dont give a damn what anyone here says, Im not giving in to peer pressure. That kit looks good and having a body kit doesn't mean your a ricer or whatever. It just depends on the kit. I'd get them shits! If ya don't ya need to peep it out for me and I'll get it from em. You'll get your much needed bumpers and the kit is polyurethane so it's not gonna get all cracked up like most kits if you drive it everyday. Get it mang!!
Originally posted by 6 2005, 01:35 AM
for 200 its a knock off so it will take some fitting and time to get it to look right
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Nope, its not a knock off. Its the wings west kit. The guy bought it for his EF, and then he sold his car before he got a chance to put it on. He lives in an appartment as well, so he needs to get it out of his house.

I guess im going to get it in about 2 hrs. Thanx.