Tokico Illuminas With Skunk2 Coilovers

What shock should I use?

  • Koni Yellows

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  • Kyb AGX Adjustab

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i know i should spend the money on a real coilover setup, but unfortunately i can afford a Section setup like some of the more wealthy members....*cough* B *cough*....haha- anyone running this setup and liking it? or can any recommend a better set of shocks, since the car already has the skunk2 coilovers installed


i had the skunks and tokicos, but i didnt care for my skunks too i have the GC's and tokicos, and its okay, but i want something that is a little more adjustable, like the tein's or the koni yellows. But all in all its not a bad set-up, i guess it sorta depends on what your planning on doing with your car.


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I have the Tokico HP shocks with my Skunk2 coilovers and they are FAR from valved correctly for the springs. The Illumina's are just adjustable versions of the HP's and still aren't valved aggressively enough for the S2 coilover springs. I hear that the Koni yellows are the only non-full-coilover system that can handle the S2 springs on the coilover kit.
tiens suck :thumbdown:

never again for me. i'm probably going to sell the ha's and get a set of the sections for the del sol too.

but on a skunk2, i'd def run a koni yellow. its stiffer, and the skunk2 springs want that.


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oh thanks guys, i guess koni yellows it is- I know that they are externally adjustable, but does anyone know if they have the detent like the KYB shocks (the little clicks that let you know what setting you're on)- again, thanks guys


you adjust the yellows on top of the shock piston.

the agx's, some are 4 way adjustable on top (usually fronts) and 8 way adjustable down bottom (usually rears).

im running H&R lowering springs which lowered me ~ 1.3 in the front and ~1.2 in the rear. in a week or so ill be able to see how well it settled. :D


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AGX's can also be 4 way, adj. on top in the rear. thats how they were for the del sol. 99-00 Si's are 8 way on the side though. its vehicle specific how it will adjust.
The AGX's definitely arent valved right for skunks, i blew my rear ones out pretty quick (though the front are still good).

Dont forget to get the adapter thing for the yellows to work with the Skunks.



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Not to jack your thread, I just got skunk2 coilovers on my rex. They are stiff, lets just say.

I'm going to be going with koni Yellow's. I was told those will be the best for theset up, being able to valve the very high spring rate the skunk2 coilover has.


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yeah that is what everyone has been telling me too- Since the skunk2's are already on the car i'm going to go with the koni yellows once my tax returns come back B)