Tokyo Auto Salon

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[EDITED by rixxxceboy]...thought you were from japan...i see now you are in san francisco. my bad :)
damn those cars from TAS are sweet though!

my beater :p

good stuff... i might be hitting you guys up for parts later on
Originally posted by chris@Jan 13 2003, 11:35 PM
Originally from San Francisco, living in Japan for now tho

oh! well then.... :worthy: :D what's the tuner scene like there? i'm guessing it borders on the unreal :D
hahah i wish i was back in SF alot of the time :(
as for tuner shops, there are alot from huge (HKS, 5ziggen) to really small (A-sports, white crow) Its pretty impressive how they treat their customers and how much they invest in actual racing to back up their products and improve their image. But there is a decent amount of bling bling, hyped up products that are pretty useless
are there alot of tuned-up/modded cars running around?? i almost said "imports" :D if you can get some pics, that would be great! i'd love to see some everyday JDM tuner cars :) BTW, if you need vinyl decals for your shop or your cars, PM me. I can hook u up. :)
most cars are fixed up here. atleast rims, lowered with exhaust. its part of the culture here. i mean just look at superautobacs, kinda the japanese version of ur everyday car part store, like kragen or wut not. but they carry all of the aftermarket parts. are some pics of my last trip out to superautobacs, there was a small mugen display there:
lol@fedex. you'd get raped, that is if they even have fedex out there
didn't you see those comercials a few years back when fedEX was bragging about how they were the only curiors to china, if they have shipping to a 3rd world country like china, for sure they will have it for the most technology oreinted country like japan
damn i did not see that there were 3 other pages, i am going to the detroit inernational auto show on friday, I might see 1 or 2 indycars, a few La Mans car and maybe a few ralley cars if i am lucky. That show looks sweet.


that is alot of LSD
ya they actually race that McLaren in JGTC here, mjust be nice to have sponsors with such deep pockets =P

and FedEx... like Paragus said, u'll get raped on that shipping fee. get it on a boat and wait thats the best/cheapest route :D there is FedEx, but they suck!