Too High Of An Rpm?

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Senior Member
I have a 1st gen b16 with the trany in my 90 teg i was wondering if there is a way to swap out the fith gear so i can keep the first 4 gears for speed but have a longer 5th for freeway driving. It killing me on gas to be running around the freway on the verge or in vtec for an hour at a time, so if it can be done what gear should I/would I be looking for thanks.


Super Moderator
you can do it, all b series gears are interchangeable. Hassle, how to do it, price, i have no idea but i would be interested to know, I kinda want to do that also when i get my ITR swap.


ls 5th gear will take care of it.

its a bitch. tranny work is NOT fun. there's 1000's of little parts in there.
i recommend you get it done professionally